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HTM71 Medical Storage, Ward & Departmental Stock Management Systems for the Healthcare Sector.

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Modular Baskets & Accessories for a secure, hygienic & organised storage solution.

HTM71 & HTM63 Compliant Furniture.

Trolleys to support a range of functions including Nursing & Medication Distribution.

Modular Shelving Systems designed to maximise your space and your efficiency.

Bespoke designs to compliment ergonomic solutions.

Storage solutions to optimise your workspace.

A Solution For The Safe Storage And Distribution Of Medication.

Pharmaceutical dispensary environments advice and installation.

Our Pods are custom made to the highest quality with a large range of colours and finishes available.

Our lab benches are manufactured to order using only materials suitable for a laboratory environment.

Our dental cabinetry is manufactured to the highest quality and is designed to your specific requirements.

All our IPS’s are manufactured to your project’s bespoke needs with a range of materials.

About Us

We are committed to only providing the best in storage solutions for our clients who are looking to improve their medical storage.

We offer a huge range of HTM71 furniture made by our expert craftsmen to ensure that your bespoke furniture is fitted to perfection combined with modular baskets or modular trays we are able to utilise your storage area to the maximum.

PPHCS can streamline your workspace to give you and your team the organisation you require to aid you in one of the most demanding Industries. We are one of the largest providers of Hospital Storage & HTM71 furniture in the Industry.

Get in touch with us today for advise you with any medical storage queries you may have. Or you can find out more about us here.

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For more information and to view our complete range of products please view our catalogues.

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For more information and to view our complete range of products please view our catalogues.


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