What Does A Pharmacist Do?

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Pharmacists work in a wide range of different environments such as the community pharmacies which are often found on the high street and in hospitals too. Most pharmacists work in these kinds of pharmacies in their employment. In order to be a pharmacist, you have to be registered with the GPhC in order to be a fully qualified pharmacist as well as a huge amount of tests and qualifications to be undertaken!

A Pharmacist is responsible for a number of roles, these include making sure that the quality of medicine that is supplied to the patients is of the highest quality so that it benefits the patients in the correct way. They’re also responsible for making sure that the medicine that they’re supplying is within the law because if it isn’t then there can be serious repercussions if found guilty so also making sure that the medicines that are prescribed to the patients are suitable is paramount as these are powerful drugs and the side effects of these drugs can have the worst consequences if all the factors are not taken into consideration. Pharmacists are also responsible for advising patients on their medicines for example how to take them when to take them and the reactions that may occur from taking the medicine.

A Pharmacist will also be responsible for supervising the medicines supply chain and ensuring that all pharmacy premises and systems are fit for purpose, especially the pharmacy storage systems! They will also advise other health care professionals about safe and effective medicines use, and safe and secure application of medicines so that there are no nasty side effects for the patient to suffer. They are also able to respond to patients’ symptoms and advice on medicines for sale in pharmacies.

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