Mobile Shelving

A cost effective method of utilising valuable floor space, Mobile Shelving reduces the number of access aisles associated with conventional static shelving systems. Shelving bays are fitted onto mobile carriages which move along concealed floor tracks. Carriages are moved from side to side to create access aisle for document retrieval. The carriage is operated by a three spoke capstan type hand wheel, which is linked to a drive shaft by a gear reduction chain for easy operation. Each handle is fitted with an immobilisation plunger to prevent accidental closure.

We can supply two main types of mobile: – For lighter loads, the office systems can be installed quickly and easily by our engineers, on most floors, including carpet or raised access etc. Our Mobile Shelving offers great aesthetics, ease of installation and relocation are the major feature of this system. Here at PP Health Care Solutions we only offer the highest grade mobile shelving so that our customers receive the finest customer service on the market in hospital storage and hospital shelving.

For heavier loads a more robust Mobile Shelving system is required, surface mounted floor tracks are levelled and grouted and gear reduction is increased to enable the heavier loads to still be moved with ease. This system can also be used in areas where the surface is uneven. Trip hazards between the floor tracks are eliminated by the installation of a ramped timber infill. So if you’re looking to upgrade your storage facilities at your nearest practice then our mobile shelving units are a fantastic solution.

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