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Commissioning Trolleys

Medical Trolleys From PP Health Care Solutions

What our medical trolleys offer:

We offer Stainless steel and steel coated commissioning medical trolleys all complete with a square tube 25x25x1.5mm open construction, insert rails for modular baskets and modules and braked castors.

Depending on your product selection there are also optional extras available including 2 or vertical push-pull handles and cover.

We offer the highest quality medical trolleys to suit any of our clients needs no matter what and using the finest materials we hope to give 100% satisfaction to our customers with the trolleys that they buy from us.

For more information on the Commissioning Trolleys that we offer, please contact us today.

Multi-Function Trolleys

Multi-function Trolleys are steel coats, with an epoxy-polyester surface and powder coating 60 μ, pure white RAL 9010.

Trolleys come with insert rack for modular baskets, a push-pull handle and optional top notepad and with multiple uses, you really can’t go wrong with our multi-function trolleys as they can be used in different ways to suit your every need.

The framework is arranged to accommodate half-modules.

Framework for half-modules and work-surfaces can also be purchased separately

For more information on the Multi-Function Trolleys that we offer, please contact us today.

Specialised Trolleys

We offer a bespoke trolley service made from the finest materials to give you a high quality product and ensure 100% satisfaction and good customer service in order to suit your requirements. For more information please get in touch.

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