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Since 1985 the modular storage concept has revolutionised healthcare storage in order to make storing all your medical equipment a simpler process and make sure that your practice is running as efficiently as possible with our huge range of different hospital storage facilities and solutions such as HTM71 Furniture, hospital baskets, cupboards, cabinets and much more!

Since 1993 this design of storage system has been known as HTM71 furniture.
With many years in advising and implementing Ward Stock Management Systems to the NHS, we are able to provide complete storage, distribution and stock control solutions to all hospital wards and departments.

This takes the form of cupboards, storage racks and trolleys in an integrated format, supported by Bar Code Software for easy of use and a simple system.

Our aim is to increase the involvement of clinical staff in the day to day care of patients, by providing organised storage in their departments.

PP Health Care Solutions offer a full range of HTM71 storage solutions which are perfect for medical and health care providers. Our range of HTM71 medical storage solutions includes hospital cupboards, trolleys, reception desks and modular storage.

We also aim to offer the finest customer service possible to our customers so that they are 100% satisfied with the products they receive from us here at PP Health Care Solutions.

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